Market Hacks: All About Startup Marketing

Being it a product or service, most Startups focus on its development but you cant ignore any aspects of marketing and user interaction as well. 
The main reason why most of the Startups fail is that they fail in marketing. People buy only whats most familiar to them.

Marketing is not a substitute of a good product but startups who are successful do not miss any relevant channel of marketing whether it is offline or online channels such as blogging, paid ads, digital media campaigns or using social media to create hype. 
Creating tools of self-expression is as important as the idea and the product. Your product or service will reach the target audience only if it's been conveyed to them in a proper manner.

Taking this into consideration Headstart Indore is ready to refresh you with next event on the topic "Marketing Hacks: All about Startup Marketing"

Come down to hear from the Marketing Gurus on what it takes to reach your target audience to maximize your sales.

Event Details

20 Apr, 2019
04:00 PM to 06:30 PM
Workie Coworking Space, Indore.
SP 365, Opposite Apna Avenue, Janjeerwala Square, Indore.
Indore - 452010

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