Validating your Idea & Intro to Blockchain

When everyone you know says it’s a great idea—does that mean that you should quit your job and startup right away? Or will it be a complete bust -- an idea with no actual potential for return? Are just having some million dollar ideas really worth anything? Why validating an idea is an all-important step to take? 

These are the questions that stop many would-be entrepreneurs in their tracks before they even take the chance and launch their potential business ventures. This is to get the answers to all of these questions and learn from entrepreneurs who have validated their ideas.

In present when you listen about blockchain  everywhere from banking to a country which stores its all data through this technolgy, it is the when we also introduce you to this technology so that you can think how blockchain can be used in your idea.




Red Bull Basement University in association with Headstart invites student innovators who want to use their skills and knowledge in technology to solve problems at and around their respective campus. Submit your idea and win a chance to go to Berlin. 

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Rajeev Kr Gupta

Speaker & Mentor

CEO, Ranchi Mall

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Ranchi Mall is a Start Up in technology (Blockchain) and disruption in education system. Mr. Gupta is known as educationist, Counselor, Motivator, Learner, Changer and Torch Bearer is the fact that “the very basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure”.

Dev Kr Verma


Founder, Pathshala

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A well known philanthropist. He uses his salary and donation to provide free Digital Education for Underprivileged Kids. On 15th August, he was interviewed by Arnab Goswami at Republic.

Vikash Bhatia

Speaker & Investor

Lead Franchise, Liberty East India


Self made businessman, started his journey from the scratch. He is the leading franchise holder for Liberty in East India. Its hard to imagine his early days also it is equally tough to figure out his capability by looking at him.


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