Urban Waste Management - The road ahead

With great power comes great responsibility, aptly defines the current scenario of India growing at rapid rate and making a mark as emerging power in the world, but struggling to deal with waste management and fulfilling the duty of providing better environment for future generations.

We bring to you the banner holders who are trying to fulfil this duty my means of technology and innovation. Join us this Startup Saturday to understand how startups are helping solve the problem of urban waste management.

Note: The link to join the session will be shared by 12:00pm on 12th Dec 2020.


Dr. Roshan Miranda




Roshan holds a Ph.D in Genetics and has experience consulting Fortune 100 companies while working at BCG. He is a founder of Bintix Waste Research which provides household level pickups of waste from 6 cities across India. Roshan also is a co-founder at Waste Ventures India which specializes in bulk waste management.

Dr. Shalini Sharma


Sanshodhan - An E-Waste Exchange


Dr Shalini Sharma is CEO, Sanshodhan An E-Waste Exchange, having more than 12 years of post-Ph.D experience in Environment Management and policy, Climate Change, and Sustainable Development. She is Oxford, Humboldt, and Columbia University Alumina. In last 3 years her organizations is recognized internationally for its innovation i.e. i. 'Circular economy model for e-waste sector ii. Extended producer responsibility Compliance Tracker and iii. Circular economy label Re-Circulate(TM) Those have won some international awards from World Economic Forum, Govt of India, RFI, UK and many more organizations.

Abhishek Deshpande




Abhishek is the Cofounder of India’s first W-Commerce (Waste Commerce) company Recykal which connects different stakeholders in the waste value chain digitally and enables transactions between them with transparency and traceability. He is a sustainability thought leader who received the coveted ‘Business World Young Entrepreneur Award 2020’ and has been recognized among ‘Most Influential Sustainability Leaders of India’ at the ‘Sustainability Leadership Summit 2019’.


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12 Dec, 2020
03:00 PM to 04:30 PM
Hyderabad - 500053

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