Toys: A multi-billion Dollar opportunity

Toys have remained an integral part of the human civilization for as long as the human civilization has been in existence. Toys have evolved greatly - from earliest terracotta and wooden toys, to modern sophisticated electronic ones.

Also, there is a certain joy about owning toys, especially for the young ones.

And then there is a thrill associated with being able to make one.

Between the joy, emotions, and thrill of owning and making toys, lies a multi-billion dollar opportunity for entrepreneurs.

This Startup Saturday, we deep-dive into an industry that provides a massive opportunity, especially for Indian entrepreneurs to capitalize on.

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Vasanth Tamilselvan


Ariro Toys


Vasanth started Ariro Pvt. Ltd out of passion for creating valuable brand for children.



Ariro Toys


Nisha is a passionate and trained Montessorian who worked as a Montessori elementary teacher for three years.


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13 Feb, 2021
03:00 PM to 05:00 PM
Hyderabad - 500053

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