The Basics of Growth - User Acquisition

Growth is one of the most top of mind questions for entrepreneurs building startups of all kinds (and especially consumer ones) — but how does one go beyond a mindset of “growth hacking” to thinking about growth more systemically and holistically?

What are the key metrics to know; why; and how?
What are the nuances of paid vs. organic marketing (and the perils of blended CAC - Customer Acquisition Cost); The role of network effects? Where does customer lifetime value (LTV) come in…?

Get answers to all these questions from Startup Saturday! 



Arunprasad Durairaj

Speaker & Mentor


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An entrepreneur and an Ivy League graduate - worked in industries spanning consumer goods, food services, biotech, healthcare, infrastructure development, mining, transportation in strategic and financial advisory roles to the CXOs - currently an advisor to Startup Community in Chennai and Bangalore - amateur badminton and squash player


Event Details

18 May, 2019
10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Animaker Inc. (Bode Solutions Pvt LTD)
Module 0802, South A Block, 8th Floor, TIDEL Park
Rajiv Gandhi IT Expressway, Taramani OMR, Chennai 600113
Chennai - 600113

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