The Art of Selling for Startups

After building a product, the biggest challenge a startup faces is finding the first few customers who are willing to try your product when no one has even heard of you. To overcome this challenge, a startup needs to be focused, have perseverance and sometimes, have a bit of luck.

Entrepreneurs need to invest sufficient amount of time and effort in building a sales engine to stay out of the cemetery. However, selling isn't just about selling anymore. There is just as much art and science to sales as there is to designing an optimal user interface. 

So, what is this art of selling that you need to master? What are the ways you can grow your sales? 

We will talk all about these questions, and more, at the upcoming edition of Startup Saturday. Book your passes now.

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About Headstart Mentor:

Headstart Mentor is a hands-off mentoring session for entrepreneurs, facilitated by Headstart. Our intention is to get qualifying startups coached by the industry’s best and to build a pay-it-forward culture in the startup circuit. It is an invite-only meetup which aims to provide a structure to 4 qualifying startups to find solutions to their problems by interacting with brilliant peers and experts in their industry. A Mentor session lasts for 4 hours and is organized on specific domains (like Healthcare, EdTech etc.) or horizontals (like sales, fundraising etc.).


About Headstart Startup Saturday:

Startup Saturday is Headstart Network Foundation's flagship event which sees over 1000 attendees every month (across India) come together to listen to talks and panel discussions by successful entrepreneurs, VCs, mentors and industry experts. Startup Saturday is organized on the second Saturday of every month by a team of super-passionate volunteers so that startup enthusiasts learn, get inspired and network with the best. Some of India's top startups (Ola, Flipkart, etc) made one of their first demos at a Startup Saturday. 


Arun Saxena


Seasoned Product Manager, Startup Mentor and Investor.


Arun is presently chief mentor at Insights and Directions, a mentoring and consulting firm based at Hyderabad. His charter is to help technology companies build products that win globally. His areas of interests are - strategy and innovation. He frequently engages with startups on Nasscom and Stanford Technology Ventures platforms. Besides, Arun consults with mid and large size technology companies.

Event Details

12 May, 2018
02:30 PM to 05:15 PM
Dome 3, S P Jain Institute of Management and Research
Inside Bhavans College Campus, Munshi Nagar,
Dadabhai Road, Andheri West,
Mumbai - 400058

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