Startup approach to solving civic issues

Startups are in-general known for using disruptive approach to solving problems. This is applicable to startups solving Civic issues too. A civic issue could be social, economic, political, etc. The solution can be found through innovating solutions that force behavioural changes to providing solutions that ease lives of the citizens. This can be achieved by providing services, building products, or a mix of both.

While solving Civic issues is very important, being able to do it in a sustainable manner can be extremely challenging. It could be a for-profit social enterprise, a not-for-profit entity, or a commercial for-profit entity. Whichever the format, there are plenty of challenges and there are founders who overcome those in their own unique manner. This Startup Saturday, we bring to you startups tackling Civic issues. Join us at CIE, IIIT-H on 11th May 2019.


Raj Janagam




Atal Incubation Centre - IIITH Foundation


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11 May, 2019
02:30 PM to 05:30 PM
Near DLF Building, Gachibowli
Opp TCS Campus
Hyderabad - 500032

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