Risk Management at Early Stage

It is a well established fact that majority of startups fail within their first three to five years. There are various risks that a startup faces and presumably these risks can lead to a startup shutting down.

Risk Management at a startup then becomes an art and science of thinking about what could go wrong, and steps to be taken to mitigate those risks, in a cost-effective manner. Risk identification helps in fostering vigilance in times of discipline and calm at times of crisis.

This Startup Saturday we focus on risk management at an early stage of a startup in order to identify risks and figure out how best to mitigate them. While the risks can vary widely on a case to case basis, we aim to begin a conversation around the same so the founders can take back some thoughts and begin assessing their own startups.

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Vikrant Varshney

Speaker & Investor

Risk Resources


Vikrant is a Risk Evangelist, Mentor and Investor.

Habeeb Nizamudin


Startup Mentor


Business/Marketing/Communication strategy expert

Ajeetkumar Singh




20+ years of experience in Cyber Security


Event Details

13 Jul, 2019
02:30 PM to 05:30 PM
Near DLF Building, Gachibowli
Opp TCS Campus
Hyderabad - 500032

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