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The Startup Revolution is upon us and with the environments, catalysts and ecosystems undergoing change at a rapid pace, it is time for the country and its people to tie up their laces and work towards one of the most crucial and significant factors that contribute to growth in the country. 

Headstart, with its goal to change the world through entrepreneurship invites you to invest your time to build up your leadership and community skills by being a part of India's largest grassroots organisation. An opportunity awaits you to take action, get inspiration and work towards making India and Finland the top startup destinations in the World.

Only when we take up the challenge to lead, the challenge to inspire, the challenge to place India and Finland as the World's Best Startup Destinations, will we truly succeed. 

About Startup Saturday:
Startup Saturday is one of India's most popular startup events, and is organized by Headstart Network Foundation, a non-profit organization on the mission to ‘Change the World through Entrepreneurship’. The meetup helps early-stage startups and aspiring entrepreneurs by providing them with the guidance, mentorship and support that they need to turn their entrepreneurial dreams into reality. At Startup Saturdays you can listen to successful entrepreneurs as they share inspiration and insights on launching and running a startup, get all your startup- related queries answered by them, and interact with a like-minded group of fellow entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts, to further deepen your knowledge about the entrepreneurial ecosystem of India.


Sasu Ristimäki


SRI Capital Oy and Smart Contract Company


Following a career of 25 years as a tech-analyst in investment banking, Sasu is now a serial start-up entrepreneur as well as a senior advisor to start-ups and tech-enterprises. Start-up projects he has been involved in include the Madeira car-sharing platform in Germany, WriteTech a handwriting app for educational use in Finland, Startereum a decentralized community based accelerator based out of Delhi and Singapore and Smart Contract Company a blockchain technology competence centre in Finland. Sasu has been involved in numerous capital raises on both sides of the table, and has put together numerous investment cases. He was also, on a start-up basis, centrally involved in pulling together the acquisition of Nokia’s HERE maps by the German auto-consortium, one of the biggest European tech-deals of recent years.

Sasu will talk about key considerations for creating an investment case, learnings from his own start-up experience, and thoughts about tech evolution from here.

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07 Mar, 2020
12:00 PM to 02:00 PM
Helsinki Think Company
Yliopistonkatu 4, Helsinki
Helsinki - 00100

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