Hospitality and Travel industry: Resilience Unlocked

“When you hit the rock-bottom, you have nowhere to go but upwards.” – Pattie Mallette.

Those startups who have been able to pivot or make changes to their product offering, are the ones who will survive this world-wide crisis.

In our Startup Saturday, we have brought entrepreneurs from various industries to unlock the secrets of their startup journey. This Startup Saturday will be conducting a deep-dive webinar where entrepreneurs will talk about their secret weapon they have used to tackle this pandemic situation which has hit their industry the worst – Hospitality & Travel.

As per Statista, travel and tourism is one of the largest industries in India, with a total contribution of over 247 billion U.S. dollars to the country’s GDP in 2018. This is expected to reach over 500 billion U.S. dollars by 2029. (

Let’s meet these entrepreneurs to see if these numbers still hold good?


Date: August 8th, 2020
Time: 3:00 pm Onwards



Arjun Majumdar




An entrepreneur by profession and a trekker by passion, Arjun started Indiahikes in 2008. With a vision to explore and document trails and solve problems in the mountains Arjun leads Indiahikes, a community that has changed the face of trekking in India. Today Indiahike is India's largest trekking organisation. More than 20,000 trekkers trek with Indiahikes every year. Most of the modern safety practices, trekking trails, environmental systems have been introduced to Indian trekking by Indiahikes.

Purav Shah


Qua Qua


A consultant by karma and an entrepreneur by nature, Purav’s passion for travel and technology in the past 18+ years of professional career has led him to set up QuaQua.

Shoba Mohan


RARE - destinations & experiences


Shoba Mohan is the Founder Partner of RARE India, a company that has been promoting conservation and community based tourism with sustainability as a keystone value for tourism and hospitality. She sits on board associations like RTSOI, TTC, IAHRC etc. and promotes the idea that sustainable travel is future ready and luxury has to be redefined around parameters that believe in protection and preservation of the planet.

About RARE: RARE India is a collection of some of the finest boutique hotels with its heart set around conscious luxury travel - palace stays, wildlife life lodges, homestays and retreats of the sub-continent. We believe that ‘Meaning is the new luxury’ and our community is an inclusive list of experiential hotels and hospitality concepts with a quality and style quotient that appeal to the world traveller, believe in working with the community while being personal and high on service. Our hotels are often set away from the repetitive and regular routes, aspire to tread softly on the land they are set in and preserve the innocence of the destination. In short, you have a ‘RARE’ collection of hotels and concepts that offer the perfect immersive experience to the evolved traveller. Founded by Shoba Mohan, RARE India’s list comprises a unique collection of hotels spanning three countries – India, Nepal & Bhutan, 17 States in India alone and 55 hotel brands.

Hari Ganapathy




Enjoy roles with a steep learning curve. Have worked and excelled in mature as well as high growth companies.

At PickYourTrail, we are helping you discover new lands at your own pace and style. Completely personalised, hand crafted trails built by real Travelers. Come take a look, as we say - Stop Touring. Start Traveling!

Love Travel, Cricket, Philosophy, Photography and Filter kaapi.

Market Entry, Sales Process/Ops, Relationship Management, Customer Engagement, Brand Building/Recall, Sales Strategy, Team building/Management, GTM Strategy, Business Development, Strategic Sales.

Kumar Anubhav




Anubhav Kumar, a certified mountaineer has a passion for purposeful travel. He has traveled extensively across India and around the world to experience diversified multilingual culture on our planet and hence most of his tour to any country has been more to the countryside than cities. . Kumar quit his fat paying job & comfortable life in Feb 2016 to make his life more meaningful which could bring a change & positive impact in the lives of those neglected farmers and thus started a social Innovative solution called NotOnMap. The concept of NotOnMap was seeded almost 3-1/2 years back by the side of a river in one such house, and today that house is rated as ‘One of Top 14 AirBnB stays in India’ which happens to be a NotOnMap stay. He was also part of an expedition program in Antarctica. Before starting his own venture, Kumar has spent over 11 years in the corporate world at various leadership positions in the Analytics Industry. He has deep knowledge of data analytics, Big Data across industries like – BFSI,Retail,Pharma,Telecom, Legal & Health care. He was Fellow - Analytics Consultant at Antuit, Assistant Vice President with CPA Global, Group Leader- Analytics at Ameriprise, and Data Scientist at Inductis. Kumar also holds an engineering degree in Electronics & Communication from Delhi College of Engineering.

About Not On Map : NotOnMap is Generating sustainable alternative livelihood for marginalized & vulnerable villagers by capitalizing on existing cultural heritage & local resources with unique technology driven Travel-Centric model and bringing commercial value to community by connecting to discerning travelers for not only unique & differentiated experience but to ensure that overall development of community happens by their participation to bring a change in the community.

Shalini KJ




A passionate entrepreneur, avid traveler, - Shalini founded Click2Travel in the year 2008. With a zest for life and an enthusiastic team, Click2Travel focuses on experiential travel solutions. At Click2Travel we do not believe in cookie-cutter itineraries and believe in providing niche experiences

Tejaswini Gopalaswamy


Unventured Expeditions


I am an avid learner, and dreamer of 6 impossible things before breakfast. I run an experiential and active travel company Unventured Expeditions, I am an enthusiastic, "try everything once" in the outdoors person. Mid-level musician and writer and aspiring to get better at it. Unventured Expeditions is a dream I have pursued with my amazing team in "Changing the way people travel", we bike, hike and dive through India, Bhutan and Srilanka for now and expanding our horizons year on year.

Pallavi Agarwal



goSTOPS is one of India’s largest chain of premium youth hotels. Started in 2014, with a passion for creating social spaces for the youth, goSTOPS is now present in 15 cities across India and has come to be known as one of the most loved youth hotel brands in the country

Pallavi is the Cofounder and CEO of goSTOPS; one of India’s largest chain of premium youth hotels. After returning from a Euro Trip back in 2013, Pallavi was fascinated by the hostel-culture in Europe and wanted to create something similar in India. With only a handful of hostels in the Indian market back in 2014 and an intense passion for creating social spaces for the youth, she opened the first goSTOPS in Varanasi. Since then, goSTOPS has expanded its presence to 15 cities across India and has also come to be known as one of the most loved youth hotel brands in the country. Besides being the boss-lady, Pallavi is a mommy to 3 dogs and 4 cats and has a special place in her heart for old-Hindi songs.


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