Growth Hacking for Business in 2020

"Growth-hacking is more of a mindset than a toolkit- Ryan Holiday."

Some marketers think that growth hacking is just a buzzword and it is just a wrapper on the existing marketing techniques. This is one side of the story. If we look into the other side, there are marketers who are over-optimistic about Growth hacking and think that growth hacking alone will enable exponential growth for their business.

Growth hacking is not an elemental discipline; it is a compound of many practices, optimized and synergized to build a comprehensive strategy for rapid growth. Digital plays a key role in it, but growth hacking goes much beyond open rates and click-throughs.

Thinking of leading growth for your company? Just don't think, get into action.

Learn the code to Growth Hacking for you and your organization. Interact with the industry leaders and entrepreneurs who lead their organizations into 10X 20X 50X growth.  

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Date: Saturday, 23rd November 2019
Time: 5.00 P.M Onwards
Venue: CIIE.CO, IIM A New Campus

Come and learn with Headstart at our flagship initiative Startup Saturday to learn more about Growth Hacking for Business in 2020‚Äč.


Udit Goenka


Founder at PitchGround

Founder at PitchGround

Abhishek Ekbote


Founder GreyMetrics

Founder GreyMetrics

Yash Shah


CEO & Co-founder, Gridle

CEO & Co-founder, Gridle



Event Details

23 Nov, 2019
05:00 PM to 08:00 PM
CIIE.CO Ahmedabad
IIM A New Campus
Nr Vastrapur
Ahmedabad - 380046

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