Grow your Sales by 10X

Wonder how Swiggy Outstrips Zomato? Why 34% of Startup Unicorns focus on cold calling than digital marketing? What do digital marketers need to learn from sales executives? How do completely new companies generate more sales than established or innovative ones? 

It’s worth pondering on such questions when “Sales” feel on the verge of extinction. But the truth is, Sales is never going to extinct. Cold calling and customized experiences are the future of marketing. Traditional Sales funnel (TOFU, MOFU, BOFU) is extinct, but new sales funnel constantly emerge from experiments and bring amazing results. 

In this Startup Saturday, we unravel to your - answers to the question- “Why it is the most exhilarating time to upskill your sales skills?”

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Here's what you'll gain from this session: 

  • Latest sales strategies that will help you gain 10x traction & sales for your business. 
  • Traditional sales strategies that still work miraculously for the business. 
  • The importance & strategies of sales for SaaS businesses. 
  • Traditional sales funnel v/s modern sales funnel - which funnels to choose when. 

Who can attend this session? 
Absolutely anyone who wants to accelerate their business growth offline as well as online.  

Benefits of Attending Startup Saturday:
1) You will be able to learn from Successful startups and Learn from their Journey
2) You will be able to network with Industry Stalwarts who frequently attend our Initiatives as mentors and Speakers.
3) We ensure there is a value addition for our audience at each event and when you walk out you have definitely learned something new.

Get to learn A-Z of the new age sales funnel, book your seats NOW!


Mr. Achal Rangaswamy


CEO at Achal Rangaswamy the Coach


A versatile and highly successful Sales and Marketing professional who has over 3 decades of experience out of which over 2 decades have been in the capacity of an in- house as well as external trainer, facilitator and Coach to thousands of very effective and successful Sales professionals pan India and even abroad.

Having been trained by top-notch trainers from international organizations that made their mark with differentiated and trendsetting sales methods, Achal N Rangaswamy is a passionate trainer with energy levels unmatched.

His passion to convert thousands of struggling as well as ambitious sales professionals to become envied performers has led to his exclusively designing and implementing industry and vertical-specific programs guaranteed to deliver results.

Mr. Bhavin Bhagat


Co-founder & CEO of


Bhavin is a Co-founder and CEO of INDIABIZ (aka Indiabiz is India's leading online platform for business opportunities and investors related to M&A, Fund raise, partnerships and more.

Bhavin looks after business development, channel partnerships, collaboration, and strategic initiatives.

Bhavin also has experiences of more than 15 years working in Pharmaceutical sector in India and UK. Before starting IndiaBizForSale, he was responsible for global sales team for an Australian company in patent information services for Pharmaceuticals.

His approach towards business development has these fundamental traits. A long term ethical view, genuine interest (passion), perseverance and patience.

Mr. Pankaj Bhimani


Co Founder, iRiS TechSol LLP
Co Founder, CampusYaari


Co Founder, iRiS TechSol LLP & Co Founder, CampusYaari


Event Details

11 May, 2019
05:00 PM to 08:00 PM
CIIE.CO Ahmedabad
IIM A New Campus
Nr Vastrapur
Ahmedabad - 380046

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