Go-to-Market Strategy for Startups

Going to market demands a deep understanding of customers' behaviors and needs. The right strategy ensures your organization sells more. The purpose of a Go-to-Market strategy is to provide the roadmap to deliver a product or service to the end customers via the most effective channels at the right price.

Thousands of startups each year reach the basic funding stage. Half of these startups are funded and helped by angel investors with their initial development. However, out of all these startups, a very small percentage actually receives the first round of capital from venture or private equity sources. The challenge is in selling your product and creating a sustainable revenue stream.

Figuring out a go-to-market strategy is no joke. And to address the challenges faced by startups, Headstart Mumbai is organizing the upcoming edition of Startup Saturday to talk all about Go-to-Market Strategy for Startups. To join us, register here today.

Venue Guidelines:
Please note as per venue guidelines, men in 3/4ths or shorts and women in skirts above knee length will not be allowed to enter the premises.


Mayuresh Shilotri


Co-Founder & Head - Academics, GreyAtom


Mayuresh is the co-founder at GreyAtom and has previously founded Customer360. He's an alumnus of the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology(Madras), is a turnaround specialist and go-to-man at GreyAtom - A complete T-shaped professional. His strengths lie in Data Science, Analytics, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing.

Himanshu Chanda


Founder - ProjectHeena.com

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Himanshu is a social and technology entrepreneur. He holds Masters degree in both Computer Technology and in Business Administration. Post working for a decade in the IT Industry he ventured out in his Entrepreneurial path starting ProjectHeena. Along with his team he created ProjectHeena.com a social platform that connects Volunteers, Non Profits and Corporates and today is used by several Corporates as their CSR management tool. In his last role he was Project Manager in Tata Consultancy Services.

To bootstrap ProjectHeena, Himanshu also runs a Technology services company that builds complete technology solutions for several startups in India. He has built products in the space of Fintech, ECommerce, ELearning, Real Estate, Automobiles, IOT, and several other Marketplaces.

Himanshu brings a good understanding of Technology, Strategy, Business and Social Sector. He is an avid Networker, Volunteer and Trainer. He has been visiting faculty in several business schools in Mumbai and has been invited to train several corporate teams.

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Event Details

14 Apr, 2018
02:30 PM to 05:30 PM
Dome 3, S P Jain Institute of Management and Research
Inside Bhavans College Campus, Munshi Nagar,
Dadabhai Road, Andheri West,
Mumbai - 400058

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