Essentials to build a great product

We are glad to present Startup Saturday November 2020 themed "Essentials to build a great product".

When you start a business, what is the one question that comes to your mind? Is it ‘Is my idea even worth it? What makes an idea worth all the time and effort spent on it are the problem it solves and the market it addresses.

For a product to be successful in the market, it has to appeal to customers. The more demand there is, the better market opportunity. Target customers and their feedback can be obtained by extensive market research consisting of market trends and analyzing whether these trends will be supportive or disruptive to the idea.


Sometimes a problem might not last for a long period and sometimes it may not cater to a large base of customers, making it necessary to perform a context analysis for relevant product problem discovery.

Some key things to consider to build a great product are the appropriate market size, time to extend market outreach, and the competitive landscape for the product.

If you’re confused about how to position your product and what role does the market research play in product development, join us at this month’s Startup Saturday to understand the ABCs of developing a winning product!



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21 Nov, 2020
04:00 PM to 05:30 PM
Hyderabad - 500053

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