Coworking: The Modern Way of Working

Since people have been working in offices, there have been trailblazers searching for different ways to structure the workplace. Well, maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement, but it’s undoubtedly true that innovators are always looking for different ways to engage with their environments. Naturally, that extends to the work environment. Enter coworking, stage right!

Over the past decade, coworking has rapidly risen in popularity all over the world. It no longer caters only to freelancers and start-ups but attracts a wide range of people from different industries, as well as large organizations, like Microsoft, Google and Bank of America. The concept of coworking has transformed office culture as we know it.

The trend of coworking has been very strongly revolutionizing the work culture all over the globe and India is not an exception. India at present times is the second largest labor force in the entire globe and did not remain immune to the changing trends. The increasing demand for the shared offices increased throughout the length and breadth of the country and the changes are significantly high in the category ‘A’ cities as compared to the tier 2 and 3 cities.

In this Startup Saturday, we unravel to your answers to the questions -

“Is the trend of coworking changing the work culture in India?”


Theme: Coworking: The Modern Way of Working
Date: Saturday, 21st December 2019
Time: 4.30 P.M Onwards
Venue: CIIE.CO, IIM A New Campus, Ahmedabad

FREE & OPEN TO ALL. (limited seats available)

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Umesh Uttamchandani


Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer
Dev Accelerator LLP (DevX)

Mr. Umesh Uttamchandani has close to 8 years of experience in IT Industry and defines himself as a
Strategic Thinker with a flair towards Marketing and Sales, a Startup Enthusiast and a passionate

As a founding member and Chief Growth Officer of Dev Accelerator (DevX), Umesh has a strong focus
on strengthening Strategic Partnerships, designing long term Growth Strategies, along with heading the
Panel for curating Technology Startups/SMEs for the Accelerator program.

He takes pride in co-owning Gujarat’s largest Co-working space.

Yash Shah


Founder & CEO

Turning a passion into a profession is a dream for many. But for Yash Shah is a vibrant reality. His inherent and extensive research in the field of leasing real estate industry brought him to the concept of Co-Working space and lead to the idea of The ADDRESS.

THE ADRESS has started with a vision that workplaces are not just a desk where you operate out of but something that you feel better and gives you the type of environment that your mood is in for with additional amenities to make you feel better.

Shondhi Agrawal


Founder & CEO
Karyalaya Cowork

With an engineering background and experience in the IT sector for 3 years, Shondhi Agrawal always had an entrepreneurial inclination which led to the founding of Karyalaya Cowork in Ahmedabad. She was quick with analyzing the market and seeing the opportunity in quality shared workspace requirements.

Karyalaya focuses on positive vibrations in an office environment. Shondhi takes a keen interest in the designing of the coworking space so that coworkers have an efficient and productive workspace.


Event Details

21 Dec, 2019
04:30 PM to 07:00 PM
CIIE.CO Ahmedabad
IIM A New Campus
Nr Vastrapur
Ahmedabad - 380046

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