Building the ‘A’ Team

A major challenge is to find the right co-founder and the right founding team. This is extremely important in setting up the foundation for your startup and defining its organisational structure. This session will help to identify the right characteristics that one should look for, when getting people onboard the venture. Also to understand how to develop the right culture within the organisation such that everyone is aligned towards the right vision.


Abhinav Shah


Founder, Osam Dairy

He is an entrepreneur who is keen to create an organisation which will be committed to quality, a brand which is synonymous with honesty, a culture which cares for the farmers who are at the core of this company and a team which is relentless in its pursuits of its goals.

Ravi Singh Choudhury


Founder, Krishi Utthaan

He grows organic farm products with local farmers and building a supply chain to make the farming a sustainable industry.

Anamitra Ghosh


Community Manager, Technopreneurs Surrogate Ventures

Mechanically pursued mechanical engineer with a profound knack in marketing and branding.

Event Details

06 Oct, 2018
10:00 AM to 01:00 PM
Auditorium Hall
PK Roy Memorial College
Dhanbad - 826001

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