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Financial markets across the globe are experiencing a wave of disruption, both technological and behavioral. GenZ is driving this disruption, both as an innovator as well as an end user. Banks, financial institutions, regulators everywhere are looking for solutions that can cater to this set of customers while safeguarding the deployed capital. It is important to understand that this industry is highly regulated, with cut throat competition, and associated with very high risk. In such an industry landscape, the existing corporations are not well positioned for disruption/innovation. This is where startups are leveraging their speed, agility, and freshness of thought to fuel the disruption. This Startup Saturday, we bring to you Startups that are at the forefront of innovation, challenging the status quo, and bringing technological innovations to the masses.



Event Details

14 Dec, 2019
02:30 PM to 05:30 PM
Near DLF Building, Gachibowli
Opp TCS Campus
Hyderabad - 500032

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