Basics of Growth-Effective Customer Onboarding and Retention

Headstart Chennai is on their toes again to bring you August edition of the series "The Basics of Growth"
Once you have users, how do you keep them engaged, retain them, and even “resurrect” or re-engage them?
As many products and platforms evolve over time, so do the users, some of whom may even use the product in different ways… so what does that mean for engagement, and how can startups analyze their users? “Show me the cohorts!” may be the new “show me the money”…
How network effects come in to play (is there really a magic number or “aha” moment for a product?)
Who are the power users (and the power user curve for measuring, finding, and retaining them)
Book your seats now if you want to know the "magic number or aha moment for your product". It is a great opportunity to explore, learn and network with like-minded people already dug their way in this space.


Charanya Rengarajan

Speaker & Investor

Upekkha Ventures

Working with early stage startups to setup their customer success team, define incentives and goals, and determine KPIs aligned to the organisation’s business strategy.
- Setup cross-functional processes and drive strategic initiatives aimed at increasing product adoption, customer retention and customer satisfaction metrics using a data-driven approach.


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31 Aug, 2019
10:30 AM to 12:00 PM
Facilio Chennai
Astoria Building, 2nd Floor,Manickam Lane, Guindy Institutional Area, Guindy, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Chennai - 600032

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