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India ranks 3rd globally with more than 4,200 startups now. Last year was a watershed year for the Indian startups. According to NASSCOM, 2015 saw over $5 Bn of investment flowing into startups, compared to $3 Bn in 2014. The number of investors backing startups has grown 130% from last year on the back of a strong consumer base, the popularity of mobile phones, an active interest by the political class as well as global investors. Some of the critical questions at this moment are that Is The Funding Boom Over For Indian Startups? And does every startup needs to go for funding route? 

We will cover topics ranging from How to Seek Early-Stage Funding That Won't Spoil Your Startup, How to pitch the Idea and How the investors want to be pitched?

 Speakers for the session 
1. Pallav Pandey: Entrepreneur and Angel Investor | Co-founder & CEO of FastFox.  
2. Rohit Jain: Venture Capatalist | Partner at The Fundamentum Partnership. 
3. Deepak Maheshwari: Investment Banker | Angel Investor 
4. Akshay Chaturvedi: Founder & CEO at Leverage Edu, recently raised a $1.5 Million round. 
5. Dr. Mansi Aggarwal: Partner at Alkemi Venture Partners  
6. Ashu Agrawal : Investor and Mentor| Director- Founder Institute 
7. Garima Mitra: Co founder at Treelife Consulting

The details are:

Venue: American Centre, 24 Kasturba Gandhi Marg, Near Barakhamba Metro Station, Delhi (Kindly refer to the general security regulations listed below)
Date: 11th January 2020
Time: 11:00 am to 2:00 pm

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Pallav Pandey

Mentor & Investor



Passionate about building tech enabled businesses in emerging markets.
Excited to work with young companies in their journey from 0 to 1

Rohit Jain

Mentor & Investor

Partner, The Fundamentum Partnership.


An MBA graduate from Harvard Business School, our next speaker, Mr. Rohit Jain, after founding startups in sectors such as - Media, Software Development, and Real Estate, has turned to funding startups through The Fundamentum Partnership.

Deepak Maheshwari

Speaker & Investor

Co-Founder & Director, Jindagi Live Consulting


With two decades of enriching experience as an entrepreneur, business head & CFO of multiple business units, he has a demonstrable track record of enhancing shareholder value and managing business throughout lifecycles encompassing early stage business set-up, enabling rapid organic growth, creating strategic turnarounds, forging joint ventures and businesses right sizing.

He currently runs boutique business consultancy & investment banking firm Jindagi Live Consulting where he is focussed on creating value for clients.

He is passionate about building new businesses and has incubated a few businesses in the fin tech space.

He also works closely with a few startups as a mentor, and advisor . He is also an angel investor.

In his previous roles he has worked as Business Leader Consumer Loan at GE Capital, CFO-GE Money and CFO-SBI Cards.

He supports engaging work environments in which people can take risks.He is viewed as an advocate of innovation to accelerate competitive advantage.


Ability to understand “ Breadth + Depth + Context”.
Inspiring people to perform at higher levels and continuously excel.
Voracious learner to build own skills, knowledge & expertise.
Knack for solving problems through win-win scenarios.

Akshay Chaturvedi


Founder & CEO, Leverage Edu


Consumer internet junkie with a passion for platforms, product-first solutions and partnerships. Strongly believe higher education must be democratised, so that a common man never loses out to exposure. Devoted towards doing exactly that at Leverage Edu!


Worked across multiple spokes of the business/tech ecosystem (been in roles in and around tech all my life) helping everyone solve problems better - across enterprising companies, the government and the many support systems around them. Heart belongs to the cities I have lived in: Bangalore, SF Bay Area, Hyderabad and hometown Delhi.

Head over heels in love with the Internet and strongly believe that it will continue to change our lives at an unbelievable pace. Love the adrenaline rush that comes with building stuff right up. Enjoy mentoring early-stage companies/business school hopefuls/or anyone who needs any help at all. Only one condition: pay it forward!

Besides breathing Internet, there are three things that move me - Politics, Cricket and Bollywood, and I spend considerable time towards all of them. Eager debater! I also co-teach the #Networking class at ISB with Professor Jim Schimdtke. And I read an insane amount, like a man possessed!

Fascinated by improving life in the offline world with the online one. Fun.

Dr Mansi Aggarwal


Partner, Alkemi Venture Partners


Investing experience, Successful Startup, R&D and sell/buy side
·10+ years work experience
· Stanford Biodesign/ MBA(Cambridge) /BDS

Ashu Agrawal

Mentor & Investor

Director, Founder Institute


Ashu is a business leader with a deep experience in Finance - Core & Strategic, Fund management & Investing, Business growth & Partnerships, Product development & Management. With over 12+ years of professional experience Ashu has worked with Government- Central & State, Business Consulting, Venture Capital, Media, Investment Banking & Financial Services. He was also one of the 1st entrepreneurs in the country to work on a mass market money management product before many others.
He currently serves as the
× Partner with Whub in India,
× Director- Founders Institute
× CFO for multiple Businesses
× Advisor to Govt Initiatives: Central & State in the fields of Agriculture, Skill development & Entrepreneurship.
× Manages a pre-seed small friends and family fund
× Advisor & Mentor for multiple Incubated Startups
In the recent past he has served as Director, Istart - Govt of Rajasthan, Director BW Accelerate, BW Disrupt at Business World
Regional Head- Indian Angel Network - IAN
Private Banker - Deutsch Bank, Standard Chartered Bank
His functional involvement has been across Government engagement & business, New business Venture & revenue channel management, Product development & Management,Digital Transformation, and most importantly Finance control & Management, Fundraise and syndication.
A strategic thinker, his focus is on improving business performance matrix’s and maximizing revenues/profits.
He has engaged with over 100+ companies, including many startups and has been instrumental in transforming such ventures into sustainable and growth businesses.
He has successfully fund raised for over 80%+ of businesses advised, with great appreciation for his ability to maneuver the businesses to be sound investment alternatives, and has been appreciated across startup eco system for all such work.
A Finance and Law major, he is a powerful net-worker with deep understanding of key business drivers his experience and global outlook arms him to understand customers across geographies and drive results.

Garima Mitra


Co-founder, Treelife Consulting


Treelife Consulting is a one stop shop solution to provide support to back end business operations (accounting, compliance, taxes, etc). to start ups and SMEs. In a short span of 15 months, Treelife Consulting has catered to over 50 clients across sectors and scales of business.

Lawyer on the team; advising, consulting start-ups and SMEs on their legal, compliance and regulatory issues.


Event Details

11 Jan, 2020
11:00 AM to 02:00 PM
The American Centre, Connaught Place
American Center, 24 Kasturba Gandhi Marg,Near Barakhamba Metro Station
New Delhi
Delhi - 110001

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