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About 60% of aggregate employment in India is generated by agriculture. This is one industry that directly impacts the lives of all of the over 1.3 billion people in India alone. With a reach so large the agriculture industry, now equipped with technology, is creating an ocean of opportunities. Let us take a look at what agri tech has in store with this Startup Saturday as we explore Agritech: Connecting Bharat to India on 10th October 2020. 



Bhubesh Kumar

Speaker & Mentor



Bhubesh is working as the Director- Food & Agri, at the Research and Innovation Circle of Hyderabad (RICH). He established the first Agri Business incubator in India and 4 value chain based incubators in Africa. He has mentored more than 180 Agri tech startups. Bhubesh is one of the official mentors for the India Rwanda Innovation Growth Program (IRIGP) and India Ethiopia Innovation and Technology Commercialization Program, of the Government of India.

Abhilash Sethi

Speaker & Investor



Abhilash is currently working as Principal in Omnivore. Omnivore pioneered agritech investing in India, backing over 20 startups since 2011. Previously, Abhilash was a founding member of Mahindra’s Precision Farming team. At Mahindra, he mapped the global landscape of precision agriculture technologies and developed partnerships with multiple AgriTech startups. Prior to that role, Abhilash worked in Mahindra’s heavy commercial vehicle business, managing sales and channel networks in Delhi and Mumbai.

Rajneesh Kumar


Pusa Krishi - IARI


Rajneesh is a technology commercialization expert with 12 years of experience in innovation, entrepreneurship, incubator management, science and technology management policy.
 Currently he is heading operations of Pusa Krishi Incubator as Chief Operating Officer at Indian Agriculture Research Institute. He was founding Director of NEXUS, an innovation hub and business incubator.

Sathya Raghu V Mokkapati




Sathya is a CA turned farmer, ultimately an Agri entrepreneur. He leads Business expansion and partnerships with financial institutions. He wrote more than 30 opinion pieces on agriculture in National and International media. He loves badminton and Himalayan biking. 

Dashmanth Reddy




Dashmanth Co-founded Ujjay, Originally started as a Uber for Agriculture equipment venture by adding value to the farmers through mechanisation by introducing new equipment. He is currently leading the marketing and user acquisition for Ujjay Kisan. Dashmanth previously held positions as program manager in major IT companies, helping them in strategy development and execution. When he is not working you can find him in any of the sports arena's which include Badminton and cricket. Dashmanth is a cricket enthusiast who still continues playing corporate and league cricket and mentors upcoming cricketers.

Sandeep Kondaji




An astute businessman and serial entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience, SandeepKondaji specialised in instrumentation engineering under the penumbra of Visvesvaraya Technological University. His interest in sustainable energy and consulting experienceon green buildings, prompted him to devote his knowledge and efforts towards solving global challenges in agriculture. Taking pride in his lineage of agrarians and armed with a strong technical background, his aspirations were duty-bound towards working out a fix for the adversity of farmer woes. Sandeep hobnobbed with two of his associates and found “Krishitantra” inspiring the start-up with the intention of bringing happiness to the farmers.

Demo/Elevator Pitches


We are a business that invents technology for sustainable farming, which helps to address the global hunger threat and food security issue. Our ground-breaking crop protection technologies and crop management solutions are transforming dynamics of the farming industry, enable millions of farmers to produce high-quality, toxic pesticide residue-free food and increase the yield by optimizing the use of available resources.

Our business evolved around the environment and sustainable resources development, to achieve the world’s food security by minimizing the farmer’s dependence on toxic chemicals those are known for badly polluting the air we breathe in, the water we drink, the soil in which we grow our food.

InSitu AgriTech

With the application of Bio+Technology in the agriculture sector, we grow all kinds of plants without soil, sunlight and 90%less water consumption. Time taken by plants to grow is reduced 3x times. Production of plants is less expensive as germinating part of the growing plant is used at different stages of the growth cycle along with intact nutritional content. To bring all these benefits in a single user-friendly finished product we have designed 2 models. 1st model for supporting Farmers, large scale enterprises offices, malls with their own farming products by converting their unused urban space into an automated urban farm. 2nd model is a portable automation growth box designed to suffice hassle-free growth of daily use green leafy vegetables and fruits at a small scale and home use. This is NASA inspired model where controlled environment factors with gravitational effect are considered during plant growth. The product is a revolution to the Agri domain which would take along traditional and modern outlook together to suffice food requirement of 9 billion in the coming decade.


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