Mentorship Meetup: The Key To Unlocking Your Potential

Everyone needs a mentor. Without one, none of the success stories you may have heard about would ever exist. To be a mentor means to be a role model, to provide guidance, motivation and emotional support. To be a mentee is to absorb the mentor's knowledge and have the ambition and desire to know what to do with this knowledge.

This year we wish to host a unique experience themed around “Women Empowerment” and “Women Leaders” for which we wish to reach out to stakeholders in the ecosystem who are aligned to the same value set and vision.

We at StartupGrind Mumbai reached out to our partners Headstart Network India, Her Entrepreneur Network India, The Talk and Helm of 8 Impact Ventures to help us curate 30+ mentors, and host an incredible array of speaker sessions on 2 weekends of July 11th and July 25th, whilst running a mentorship opportunity for our communities and more.

As a first time ever, we are launching a Mentorship Programme with the Startup Ecosystem Partners for budding and aspiring female entrepreneurs. The goal of this programme is to provide women entrepreneurs the required support and guidance that they seek for making their startup journey successful.

This Mentorship Meetup is part of our #SGWomen Leaders campaign that is running from June through July 2020. We will host more of these where you can hope to find the right mentor for yourself. And if you are someone who has benefited by receiving mentorship in your life and wish for an opportunity to pay it forward, here is your opportunity to come share your story and become a mentor with us.

This programme will run on a rolling basis, wherein we will periodically offer a list of industry and startup experts as mentors who will support a selected number of female founders.

The last date to apply for mentorship is July 19th 11:59pm IST.




Event Details

28 Jun, 2020
04:00 PM to 06:00 PM
Online Webinar
Global - 0000000

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