Let's Talk Pitch - What Sharks Want?

Communicating a great business idea is as important as generating it.


Imagine if you’re supposed to describe the entire journey of your startup, how the business model works, and what are you specifically looking for in just five minutes! What would you include and what would you not? In an era where startups are being founded on a daily basis across the world, it is essentially important to make your idea unique, and even more important to differentiate your pitch.


The carefully crafted presentation slides, the right tone of the presenter, and the consideration given to limit the presentation by time and number of slides are some elements that contribute towards perfecting a great pitch. 


Join us to learn the essentials of pitching and to learn what investors are looking for.


Praveen Mokkapati


Ex-VC & Honorary Ambassador - German Indian Startup Exchange Program


Alumnus of IIM Bangalore, Texas A&M University & Osmania University, Praveen has nearly 15 years of business and research experience across functions such as engineering, marketing, sales, business development and general management across United States, Europe, India and Southeast Asia.

Praveen's strengths are strategic planning, devising and executing go-to-market strategy, new business development, sales planning and operations, social selling, key account management, developing and nurturing business partners, market research & analysis and team management. He takes pride in his superior communication skills and bias for action.

Praveen is an avid reader with interests in macroeconomics, startups, valuation, new trends in advertising and brand management, innovative technologies, customer experience/journey management and disruptive business models.

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18 Dec, 2020
03:30 PM to 04:30 PM
Hyderabad - 500053

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