Kickstart Vol.2_Feb2018

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Here's your best chance to find out if you are investment ready and meet active angel investors.

Kickstart is an initiative by Headstart Network Foundation where startups pitch their ideas to a panel of judges and battle it out to convince the jury of their fundability quotient. After inviting applications, the startups are shortlisted after careful scrutiny by Headstart. On the day of the event, the startups battle it out in a fiery pitch session in front of a jury. The day ends with networking and the announcement of the winners. 

What we are looking for in the Top 10 Startups:

1. Does the startup solve a big problem in a big, fast growing market? 
2. How good is the traction? 
3. Does your team have the vision and skills to become a market leader?
4. Does the product have a sustainable competitive advantage? 
5. How is your idea influencing the society or making an impact in your target segment. 

Kickstart is being hosted in the following cities on different dates. You could be a part of a Kickstart happening close to your city.

Hyderabad: 6th Jan, 2018 | Chennai: 6th Jan, 2018 | Bangalore: 6th Jan, 2018 | Kolkata: 13th Jan, 2018 | Raipur: 13th Jan, 2018

Venue: SAP Labs, Whitefield, Bangalore
Time to fill the form: 30 mins (If you are ready), Otherwise it would be a great exercise to get ready 

Note: The information you provide will be safe and will be shared with the judges on request only.

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Event Details

10 Feb, 2018
12:00 PM to 03:00 PM
SAP Labs, Whitefield
SAP Labs, Whitefield
Bangalore - 560066

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