Fireside Chat on "Customer Development & Product Market Fit"

Customer Development helps a startup gain insight into how they can gather potential customers, anticipate problems, etc- things that will actively help better the product and make the lives of your customers better. This goes hand-in-hand with understanding how the Product Market operates- when together, both Customer Development and Product Market have the ability to take your product to the next level!

We often hear of Startups failing when it comes to Customer Discovery and Customer Validation. Not only that, startups will often also struggle to achieve Product Market Fit. In this session, you will learn about customer discovery, customer validation, validating if you have achieved Product Market Fit, frameworks and the challenges start-ups face in their journey. 

For this session of Headstart Live 2.0 we have got for you- Punit Soni, Founder & CEO, Suki! He will join HS in a little fireside chat on Customer Development and Product-Market fit.

Suki uses AI to help doctors with documentation so they can spend more time on what they love- treat their patients. Mr. Soni is a seasoned veteran in the mobile sector. His ability to craft exemplary strategies and build teams is what he was known for during his tenures at Flipkart, Google, and Motorola!

Under Punit’s exemplary leadership, Suki has won Best New Startup by Rock Health’s Top 50 in Digital Health, Top 40 Healthcare Transformer by MM&M Magazine, Forbes AI 50 list, Best Healthcare Experience at the Voice19 Awards, CB Insights Digital Health 150.

Most recently, Suki was recognized as Google Cloud’s AI and ML Partner of the Year! 
There’s honestly no one better out there to talk about Customer Development and Product Market Fit than Punit- come on, what are you waiting for?
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Punit Soni




Punit Soni is the Founder & CEO of Suki; Ex- Flipkart, Motorola, Google.
Seasoned product leader focused on mobile sector.

Event Details

23 Jul, 2020
09:30 PM to 10:30 PM
Online Webinar
Global - 0000000

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